Michael Hayne, Bonn

I would like to make some remarks about group analytic training in the Ukraine, an initiative of Alfred Pritz from Oesterreichischer Psychotherapieverband with some austrian and german collegues from two foulkes-oriented training institutions, i.e. GRAS and Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer Gruppenanalyse / Altaussee. The program was completed by trainers from four other leading methods in group work. It was on the ukrainian side implemented by the director of psychiatry at the university of Lviv, Alexander Filz. The training project was realized in block meetings twice a year, planned for a five year period. Participants were psychiatrists and clinical psychologists from the Ukraine and from Russia. The small group I am referring to was co-conducted by a collegue and myself. The group members were (in the beginning) 13 Ukrainians and one Russian. They decided to express themselves in russian language. – Lateron the group members wondered if by this decision they had established to be dominated by the russian language and if this symbolically resembled to the history of their nation: the domination of the russian culture and russian ways of ruling had left wounds and feelings of deep humiliations in the ukrainian mind. Now working with the translator meant that our –the conductors- interventions came in russian language to the ears of the participants. So they heard german and russian from the trainers in the group, that is the two languages of the main oppressors they as Unkrainians had suffered from during this century.

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